Cyber Intelligence

Information Warfare

In this age of digital uncertainty, the importance of remaining vigilant on all fronts has never been greater. By equipping businesses with strategic tools and expertise, we assist in countering influence campaigns and achieve information dominance.

Influence Campaigns Research and Analysis

Conducting research and analysis to identify the sources of influence campaigns, which can include misinformation, propaganda, or other forms of manipulation on digital platforms. Our team of researchers uses a variety of techniques and data sources to uncover the individuals or organizations behind these campaigns.

Attribution Services

After uncovering the existence of an influence campaign engaging actively in digital propaganda, we help organizations pin-point the exact source of these campaigns.

This service helps businesses, organizations, governments and individuals understand the sources of potential disinformation/misinformation and take steps to protect themselves and their interests.

Intelligence Reporting and Analysis

We offer clients customized reports and analysis based on the requirements submitted to us. We assist organizations by researching, analyzing or both to achieve the requirement objectives put by the client.

Deep-Dive Due Diligence

Helping organizations assess and manage risks associated with complex business arrangements. We provide detailed assessments of potential partners, vendors, and other third parties, and help organizations develop effective risk management strategies.

Darknet Intelligence

Stay informed on the latest trends on the darknet by getting access into the latest insights on the dark web and other parts of the web where malicious actors and adversaries operate. Our intelligence helps organizations stay ahead of the latest cyber threats and mitigate risks.

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